What is the Next Level Life?

The Next Level Life is a set of mindsets and distinctions emphasized by continual growth in all areas of life. But, it is not common sense nor is it easily perceived by any person. In fact, it’s typically counter-intuitive when compared to how the majority of people believe and think about life and success.

How does it work?

Because it is counter-intuitive and not common sense, the Next Level Life requires a new perspective on reality in order for it to become a reality in your life. Specifically, it requires a map. In order to construct your map, you first need to be introduced to a set of key distinctions that makeup the Next Level Life.
The first distinction is that there is always a next level, no matter where you are in your personal life or business – there is always a Next Level to where you currently are now…

The second distinction is that to be successful in life consistently, we can use a set of tools that we can use in every domain of our life. Think of it as if you were carrying around a toolbox with a specific set of tools inside. And, we can use this tool set to be successful across many areas of life. Watch the video below to learn more about an important principle referred to as Modeling.



The Next Level Life is all about searching out and finding patterns in your life and combining them to create a new entity; Something that exists on a new plane of existence; A higher order; A New creation; A Next Level!

Apply what you’ve learned here today and comment below about results that are you experiencing in your life. Remember that the Next Level Life is a practice; It is not an action that merits a result. You must consistently practice these principles in your life daily – this is the process that makes up the Next Level Life.

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Jay Colling is a certified Master Life, Business and Success Coach. His coaching practice is located in New Braunfels, Texas. In his off-time, Jay enjoys studying and practicing Self Creation Technologies, a life-style system, which is a set of principles and guidelines that Jay has used over the course of many years to induce a holistic rebirth of his entire identity. You can read more in his book entitled, Self Creation Technologies.

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